Ethics and Integrity


As the Aga Khan University carries out research to provide solutions to pressing problems of the developing world, it recognizes the necessity of complying with national, regional and international standards of ethics.

The University’s ethical standards govern all aspects of research, protect the rights and welfare of research subjects, be they human or animals, and provide benchmarks for solutions to the myriad complexities faced in research in the lab as well as community. 

Recently, the University formalized its Ethics and Integrity Unit, whose functions include: 

  • Ensuring research conducted is of the highest standards; 
  • Minimising risk to all those involved or affected by the research;
  • Creating awareness among researchers about ethics, integrity and compliance; and
  • Ensuring compliance and timely reporting of adverse events.


With the University Research Council as the over-arching body, several review committees have been constituted to resolve issues related to research proposals – biomedical, social sciences or animal research – in the context of individual regions.

  1. Committees for ethics review
  2. Ethics Committe for Animal Care and Use 
  3. Policies, forms and guidelines related to ethics and integrity

These committees work independently and rigorously to review proposals with members’ background ranging from active researchers, clinicians, professional disciplines, discerning public, legal expertise and both genders. 


The unit conducts roadshows for faculty, research coordinators, residents and students in Karachi, Pakistan. The roadshows intend to address the questions regarding ethics in a research study, to provide guidelines on filing ERC applications, and to discuss compliance issues.

For queries related to institutional ethics, integrity and compliance, please contact: 

Dr Ali Hussain Khan
Assistant Manager, Ethics and Integrity
Office of Research and Graduate Studies