1. Self-​Assessment: QAI_net facilitates capacity building, planning and implementation of self-assessment and supports entities to carry out self-assessm​ents, a process which critically reviews the quality of one’s own performance and provision of a programme.  
  2. External Peer Review: QAI_net facilitates capacity building, planning and implementation of external peer reviews and supports entities to carry out peer reviews, an external validation process of the self-assessment that is conducted by peers external to the programme under review.
  3. Annual Self-Monitoring Process​: QAI_net facilitates capacity building, planning and executing the annual self-monitoring process and supports entities to develop improvement plans after the periodic review of programmes. This process involves reviewing the prior year’s improvement plan and assessing progress and challenges.
  4. Training of QAI Resource Persons as leaders for quality enhancement in their entities.

  1. Faculty Development Sessions: TL_net welcomes all AKU institutes, schools and colleges to invite us to your discipline specific or general faculty development sessions. We do guest facilitation of activities such as workshops, presentations, discussions and panels on all areas pertinent to teaching and learning. 
  2. Consultations: TL_net staff, Network associates and partner institutions are ready and willing to consult with individual faculty, deans, schools and colleges on specific issues related to teaching and learning including the scholarship of teaching and learning. 
  3. Scholarship of Teaching: TL_net helps to facilitate faculty’s engagement in the scholarship of teaching in the following ways 
    • Mentorship Programme: TL_net helps to link individual faculty with virtual mentors from our partner institutions, Academics Without Borders and the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE), for purposes of developing faculty capacity in the scholarship of teaching. 
    • Teaching Champions: TL_net partners with faculty and TL Resource Persons in their development as leaders of teaching within their faculties/schools. 
    • Teaching Tips: TL_net supports faculty’s capacity to teach by sharing tips on effective pedagogies. Faculty also contribute to colleagues’ capacity enhancement by sharing their teaching stories. 
    • Peer capacity enhancement: TL_net partners with faculty in developing capacity for peer support in faculty development through the establishment of teaching squares and reading circles. 
  4. ​​BDL_net
    • Enhanced Teaching with Technology: enhancing face-to-face learning with digital teaching.
    • Blended Learning: replacing face-to-face learning with online activity.
  5. ​Facilitating Communities of Practice: These are groups of people who share a set of interests or a passion about a topic, and who increase their knowledge in this area through discussion and shared experiences. Communities of Practice create a body of shared expertise and promote best practices. TL_net facilitates communities of practice around:​ 
    • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 
    • Learning Outcomes Assessment
    • Teaching with Technology


QAI_net contact:

Faisal Notta
Assistant Director
Tel: +92 21 3486 8573


TL_net contacts:

​Jane FA Rarieya
Assistant Director, TL_net and Digital Learning
Tel: +254 20 366 1223

Azra Naseem
Assistant Director, Blended Learning
Tel: +92 21 3486 3917​​​