​Network Programmes


  • ​Training and workshops on Self-Assessment 
  • Training and workshops on Peer Reviews 
  • Training and workshops on Annual Self-Monitoring 
  • Training and workshops on anti-plagiarism tool (Turnitin) 
  • Dissemination of best practices in quality assurance and improvement​​

TL_net ​
  • Blended learning faculty development programme
  • Faculty development workshops on signature pedagogies 
  • Provision of grants for the promotion of the scholarship of teaching and learning 
  • Hosting of conferences on scholarship of teaching/teaching and learning in higher education
  • Hosting of seminars on scholarship of teaching/teaching and learning in higher education
  • Mentorship programme for individual faculty 
  • Teaching champions learning sessions: creating communities of practice
  • ​Consultations on enhancing teaching with technology
“Really inspiring presentation and some food for thought. 
Looking forward to attendi​​ng more sessions like this.”​ ​
Professor Rhonda Breit on Thinking Flexibly about 
Flexible Learning, March 2015


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TL_net is pleased to announce the launch of a university-wide virtual mentorship programme for AKU faculty. 

Mentors in the programme are highly successful academics with vast experience in teaching, research and faculty development.​  
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​Interested in joining a Community of Practice on Teaching Squares? 

TL_net is looking for faculty volunteers who want to share and learn about teaching through the Teaching Squares Programme. 

 In brief, Teaching Squares is: A self-reflective process about teaching gained through observation and sharing with one’s peers. Not about peer evaluation but rather self-reflection on one’s teaching in a safe, mutually supportive environment. Participating faculty do not have to be new to teaching at the university. It is more enriching if it includes faculty with a wide range of teaching experience. 

For more details on benefits, duration and how to participate click here​!

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