Dr. Tashmin Meets New IUCEA Executive Secretary

​​Dr. Tashmin Khamis Meets with the New Executive Secretary of Inter-University Council of East Africa​

February 5, 2016
Dr. Tashmin Meeting with IUCEA

 Dr. Tashmin Khamis, the Director of the Network of Quality Assurance and Improvement (QAI_net) and Network Teaching and Learning (TL-net) paid a courtesy call on the new Executive Secretary of Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUCEA), Professor Alexandre Lyambabaje.  Prof Lyambabaje has assumed office to lead the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) for the next five years following the end of tenure of Prof. Mayunga Nkunya who led the institution since 2010. IUCEA is a legally mandated body that was created by the East African Community (EAC) to:

  • Facilitate networking among universities in East Africa, and with universities outside the region;

  • Provide a forum for discussion on a wide range of academic and other matters relating to higher education in East Africa; and

  • Facilitate maintenance of internationally comparable education standards in East Africa so as to promote the region's competitiveness in higher education.

Dr. Tashmin Khamis is currently the President of the East African Higher Education Quality Assurance Network (EAQAN), a responsibility she has diligently executed for the last two years as her term comes to an end in May 2016. EAQAN is the technical arm of IUCEA on quality issues where AKU has been well represented by the President and faculty during EAQAN Conferences. AKU is also an associate member of IUCEA.

Dr. Tashmin briefed Prof Lyambabaje on EAQAN’s milestones for the last 2 years including the development of a new strategic plan and the need for continued support from the IUCEA in order to implement the new strategic plan and ensure sustainability of EAQAN. Prof. Lyambabaje and the Deputy Executive Secretary Prof. Pontien Ndabaneze noted the significant contribution made by EAQAN in supporting higher education institutions to promote internal quality assurance and raise their standards, and IUCEA thanked AKU in taking the lead. 

AKU will continue to partner with regional bodies to create greater influence about AKU and its programmes.


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