About the Networks

About the Networks of Quality, Teaching & Learning​


The aim of the QAI_net is to continually improve upon and promote the highest quality academic programmes at AKU through regular structured periodic reviews. In order to achieve the goal, the QAI_net provides support, guidance, training and capacity building for the implementation of the University-wide academic quality framework. 

The strategic objectives of the QAI_net are to:

  1. Instill a culture for quality improvement of academic programmes at AKU
  2. Build capacity to support quality enhancement within entities
  3. Harmonise the variety of quality assurance and improvement processes being used across AKU


TL_net aims to promote excellence in teaching to enhance the student learning experience by providing services, programmes and support to faculty to develop their teaching practice. Through the TL_net, faculty enhance their teaching with technology, including blended learning. 

TL_net has the following inter-linked strategic objectives:​

  1. Provide teaching and learning support to faculty
  2. Develop communities of practice around teaching ex​cellence
  3. Promote the scholarship of teaching and learning 
  4. Enable evaluation, accountability and outreach on teaching and learning that is “of and for the developing world”

​BDL_net is an integral part of TL_net which offers support and programmes to AKU's instructors aimed at increasing their capacity to use all forms of digital technology in the classroom with the objective of promoting effective and engaged learning amongst their students. In addition AKU is committed heavily to a full blended learning model. Here, BDL_net offers an intensive professional development programme to its faculty that has enabled them to transform their traditional courses with a powerful integration of digitally mediated distance learning and intense face-to-face components.​

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