About IHD
About the Institute for Human DevelopmentAKU_NBI_0793_444x200.jpg​ ​VISION​

​To build capacity and drive innovation in research and higher education to produce and disseminate ​new knowledge of human development that advances the quality of individual lives and contributes to the building of successful pluralistic societies, with a particular focus on children, families, and communities within resource-poor regions of the world.​


The Institute for Human Development will generate new knowledge through basic and applied research; apply the knowledge gained through research to inform programmes, services, and practices within community settings; influence policy formulation and implementation in ways that reap the benefits of the systematic research produced at the institute and elsewhere; and deliver educational programmes at multiples levels of study to prepare a wide range of human development specialists and professionals.​​​​​​​​​


The Institute was launched in February 2015 with an international conference and reception. The very successful ​conference attracted over 200 participants from 22 countries.  Read more.



Director, Institute for Human Development, Aga Khan University

Dr Kofi Marfo came to AKU from the University of South Florida, where he was a full professor for 22 years and founding director of the Center for Research on Children’s Development and Learning.  He previously taught at Kent State University, Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada), and the University of Cape Coast (Ghana). He currently serves on the Institute of Medicine’s Forum, Investing in Young Children Globally.​​​


“The Aga Khan University Institute for Human Development brings together researchers, teachers, practitioners and students from across the university and the entire Aga Khan Development Network, linking with partners in other parts of the world. Their collective focus on early child development represents both a unifying theme at the heart of the university and the network, and one of the areas most critical to the future of the communities we serve.” ​​

- D​​r Greg Moran​​​​