Graduate programmes

Graduate Programmes

Developing leaders in education

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Our graduate programmes are designed for serving professionals in education including teachers, teacher educators, principals, managers, researchers and policy makers from Pakistan and other developing countries. The prime objective of the programmes is to develop leaders capable of addressing the unique educational needs and problems of the developing contexts.

Offering a carefully designed composition of courses, the programmes give ample attention to relevant research​ for:

  • Increasing research capacity through high level training
  • Developing leadership skills to guide curriculum development, teaching and learning
  • Cultivating a critical understanding of the role that education in general and research in particular plays in addressing the issues facing developing countries

Developed in close collaboration with the Oxford University, UK and the University of Toronto, Canada; the programmes not only meet (in many respects exceed) the international standards of quality but also address the unique needs of developing contexts in terms of relevance, rigor and application. Moreover, comprehensive review and quality assurance mechanisms are in place to ensure that the programmes remain relevant and responsive to the changing needs of the educational professionals and their contexts.

Faculty, teaching these programmes, are developed through doctorate studies at international universities and have established credibility in their respective areas of expertise​

Part-Time Programme​​​

Candidates interested in the Master of Education have the choice of completing the programme in two years as full-time students or in five years as part-time students.

Our graduates
Over 1200 professionals from 10 developing countries including; ​Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Syria; with vast majority from rural areas of Pakistan, have graduated from these programmes. The graduates are now working as leaders and change agents in government, AKDN, and other private and donor / development institutions.​    

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