Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Our 7,400 sqare feet Clincial Trials Unit includes clinical, equipment, and administrative facilities.


  • 4 equipped examination rooms, 4 consultation rooms, 2 assessment rooms
  • 3 bays for infusion, cardiac monitoring
  • Oxygen, vacuum, infusion pumps
  • Protocol-related draws, processing and handling; specimen collection washrooms
  • Protocol-related investigational product management
  • Dedicated work area for investigators during research clinics
  • Common reception, check-in, and waiting area
  • Nutrition support - study subjects, approved access per protocol (fasting, long-stay)


  • Standard – bed wall Units (4) with oxygen, vacuum; infusion pumps, vitals monitors
  • Infusion chairs
  • 2 ( -20C) & 1 (-80C) freezer
  • On-site ECG tracing services and Cardiac monitoring capability
  • Equipped  and medically stocked emergency cart, defibrillator
  • Audio and visual call system
  • All clinical and consultation rooms are equipped with secure computers and computer systems, wireless access


  • CTU staff
  • Audio - conference facilities to facilitate collaborations
  • 15 equipped workspaces for study coordinators
  • 2 cubicles monitoring
  • Data entry and data management services
  • Receipt of study shipments
  • Support services - printing, copying, other