Prospective Interns

Prospective Interns

Students and Recent Graduates of Partner Universities

The AKU's International Internship Programme is an offical employer of coop and international career programmes of AKU's partner universities including Universities of Alberta, Waterloo, Texas at Austin etc. If you are currently enrolled in any of our​ partner universities, you can qualify for funding which could include a month stipend and furnished accomodation for the internship duration.

Please meet our representative at your Univesity's career fair and discuss the internship opportunities with Aga Khan Universities and other agencies of Aga Khan Development Network.

Please visit our available internship positions page and apply for the position(s) of your interest.​

Independent Students

You can still apply for internship if you are not enrolled in a partner university. As independent student, you will be required to cover all the internship expenses including accommodation, food, transport, air ticket, travel and health insurance etc.

The Internship Coordinator will help you calculating the cost of living and will address any questions you may have in order to make a decision. We are certain that our internship will provide you with an opportunity to build the connections and networks necessary to land you a job eventually.

We encourage you to explore the listings on our available internship positions and to contact us with any questions.​