Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning

AKU believes in creating a learning environment whereby opportunities for self-development are provided to all faculty and staff. Short training courses are arranged in-house by the following departments on a regular basis:

AKU also arranges learning forums/clubs with the purpose of sharing topics of mutual interest with a larger audience. Forums currently in place are:

  • Learning Club
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Administrative Professionals Forum
  • Quality Grand Round
​Learning Club
Each area is encouraged to organise independent learning forums at the divisional or departmental level. Such forums allow individuals to gather informally, to share happenings in their own respective areas and are ideal for experiential learning, networking and celebrating various occasions. Human Resources, Finance and Materials Management are a few divisions that are actively involved in holding learning clubs every month.

Lunch and Learn sessions
These are informal, participatory sessions designed to cover topics of common interest for faculty and staff. Management topics are dealt with, either through a dynamic speaker or an appropriate video. Participants can bring their own food and learn while they lunch. This forum also encourages professional development by inviting management staff to host presentations on topics of mutual interest.

Administrative Professionals Forum
This is a forum for secretaries to meet and learn new concepts and best practices in their profession. Eminent facilitators and speakers from AKU and outside are invited to speak and share views on appropriate office and secretarial practices in the country and abroad. For self-development purposes, members of the forum are encouraged to take a lead role in making presentations. This platform offers them the opportunity to reach out to other secretaries and share information about new programmes, changed systems and procedures, etc.

Quality Grand Round 
The Quality Grand Round (QGR) is another forum which provides a platform to all faculty and staff, for learning, networking, and communication. It involves activities such as presentations on quality endeavours such as quality circles within the Institution, lectures by senior management, departmental profiles, hospital updates, construction updates, viewing of management films, etc.