Alumni Association

Alumni Association

AKU graduates, who have completed a programme of education or training of minimum one year duration are invited to join the AKU Alumni Association or one of its chapters. A list of relevant contact persons is available here.

Alumni Association Bylaws
Aga Khan University Medical College Alumni Association - Asia Chapter
The Chapter office bearers are appointed for the term March 18, 2016 – Feb 17, 2018. The incumbents are as follows:

Dr Syed Asad Ali, MBBS ‘01              

Vice-President – Undergraduate programme        
Dr Sidra Ishaque, MBBS ‘09      

Vice-President – Graduate programmes                
Dr Om Parkash, MSc CR ‘10        

Vice-President – Postgraduate programmes         
Dr Sohail Dogar, Residency ’13         

Dr Saqib Qazi, Residency ‘08                             

Dr Amna Subhan, Residency ‘09 ​
Aga Khan University - Alumni Association of North America
AKU-AANA (for Medical College)

Election for Officers was held on August 14, 2015 at the Annual Reunion in Orlando, Florida. List of office bearers for the term January 2016 – December 2017 is as follows:

Dr Habib Chotani                                               

Dr Faisal Qureshi                                              
Past President

Dr Mohammad Rehan Raza Khan                

Dr Amber Hameed Syed                                 

Dr Abdul Basit                                                    
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