Aga Khan University Medical College does not just train doctors. We give students the opportunity to become true agents of change. With numerous degree programmes to choose from, our graduates are well-equipped to make meaningful contributions to their communities as both skillful medical leaders and influential humanitarians.

The faculty at AKU Medical College is made up of both educators and practitioners. Having grounded our ideology in research to better understand healthcare challenges, we educate students so they can positively advance public health in response to real needs. Our belief is that students learn best by doing and communities benefit most when classroom theory is put into practice in the real world.

Since our inception in 1983, more than 1300 students have graduated with one of Aga Khan University's cornerstone degrees, either a Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). Every student graduates with both a mastery in medicine and better understanding of the value of compassionate care and how it benefits the communities they serve. 

Students who wish to further specialise their training after graduation can select between several specialty and Master degree programmes on either our Pakistan or East Africa campus. Each graduate will have the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge base so they can solve healthcare challenges that make a lasting difference to people.

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Frequent collaboration with leading academic institutions like Harvard University in the United States and the Karolinska Institute in Sweden elevate our education and research programmes. The result of these partnerships is a more influential curricula and a higher education standard. The time is now for students who seek to evolve the level of health care provided in their communities to join us in our passionate pursuit of medical excellence.