Office of the President

Office of the President

Message from the President

Welcome to Aga Khan University​
A Role Model for Health and Education in the Developing World
For more than 30 years, AKU has been making a difference in the developing world by enabling outstanding men and women to realize their true potential. In each of the six countries in which we operate – Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Afghanistan and the United Kingdom – we are:

Training Leaders: Because a single leader can have an enormous impact, we equip our graduates with the expertise, practical skills and entrepreneurial outlook needed to lead change in their societies and to thrive in the global economy.

Embodying Excellence: In places where resources are scarce and few institutions are effective, we meet the highest quality standards and demonstrate that excellence is a powerful force for transformation.

Discovering What Works: One of the developing world’s leading sources of health and education research, we are creating new knowledge that saves and enhances lives in some of the world’s poorest places.

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Executive Team

Mr Al-Karim Haji
Vice President, Finance and  Chief Financial Officer


Ms Carol Ariano
Vice President, Human Resources


Mr Firoz Rasul
President and Interim Provost


Mr Salim Hasham
Vice President, Health Services