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Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Women’s Residences at AKU

The courtyard of the Women's Residences at AKUOctober 29, 2014
On October 24, 2014, the Women’s Residences celebrated 10 years of operation at Aga Khan University.  To mark the occasion, support staff and those who played a leading role in the conceptualizing and commissioning of the Residences, were invited to a dinner held in the courtyard of the women’s residences.

The Women’s Residences provides accommodation to 150 female faculty and staff of the Aga Khan University Hospital. As need arises, rooms are provided to off-station female professionals of the Aga Khan Development Network as well as volunteers.

Since inception 800 women residents have been provided a safe, comfortable ‘home’, within walking distance of their work place.  Particularly in the last few years, the troubling law and order situation in Karachi has led to increasing security concerns for female professionals; the Residences have provided access for women who may not otherwise be able to work at the University Hospital.

“The Residences are undoubtedly the safest, most peaceful place one can live in, in Karachi. Whenever we come in looking tired, house mothers take care of us, ask us how we are doing, and treat us generally like we are family…” says one resident.

During the 10th anniversary celebrations, Dr Rukhsana Zuberi, Professor of Family Medicine and Associate Dean, provided a historic overview of the project and acknowledged the generous, thoughtful contribution of the three donor families: the Karimi, Rupani and Noor families.

Current residents of the hall, such as Dr Mary Sansalone, Vice Provost and Founding Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, shared their experience of living in the Residences and welcomed new residents to ‘the family’.

Occupancy of the Residences has regularly surpassed 95 per cent, with a waiting list of 30 to 40 women seeking accommodation.


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