Dr Greg Moran was appointed Provost of the Aga Khan University in September 2011.  

Greg is a developmental and clinical psychologist who previously held an appointment as Professor in the Department of Psychology at Western University in London, Ontario.  At Western, he served in a variety of academic leadership capacities including Chair of the Department of Psychology, Dean of Graduate Studies and, for the 10 years ending in 2005, Provost and Vice-President (Academic).

Greg remained active in research and graduate supervision throughout his tenure as a university administrator and has over 70 scholarly publications.  His early research focused on social behaviour in wolves and other carnivores but, for almost three decades, he pursued a better understanding of the nature, origins, and developmental consequences of the first human relationship between an infant and her mother.  With his students and collaborators, Greg has been involved in a series of diverse but inter-related programs of research, including: studies of adolescent mothers and their children; intervention for families with infants at high risk for poor developmental outcomes; comparative study of the development of siblings within a family; and studies of the neurobiological, genetic, and psychophysiolog​​ical correlates of early social interaction and relationships.  His research has been generously supported by a number of Canadian granting agencies throughout his career and has been published regularly in leading journals in the field. 

Greg Moran and three co-authors recently published Academic Transformation: The Forces Reshaping Higher Education, a book on the current state and future of higher education in Ontario.